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Katgal's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 374 (From 44 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 3,190 Points

Villainous - Tower Attack

What is Best in Life? Unlocked 8/25/11
5 Points
Earn your first gold medal on a stage.
What is Good in Life? Unlocked 8/25/11
5 Points
Earn your first bronze medal on a stage.
Everything for Everyone Unlocked 8/25/11
10 Points
Unlock the secret Newgrounds treasure.
Prequel to the Sequel Unlocked 8/27/11
25 Points
Unlock the last stage of the game.
One Thousand Goblins Later... 50 Points Get all gold medals and all gold skills.
Finish the Story Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 4/6 (45/120 points)

Where's Derpy?

Nom Unlocked 3/1/13
5 Points
Find 16 muffins!
NomNom Unlocked 3/1/13
5 Points
Find 32 muffins!
Oops, my bad! Unlocked 3/1/13
5 Points
Destroy the town hall in the final level.
Golden Derp Unlocked 3/1/13
10 Points
Complete the game!
Attention Horse 10 Points Find Lyra (or her sister) in 10 of the levels!
Muuuffiiiins! 25 Points Find 48 muffins!

Medals Earned: 4/6 (25/60 points)

William and Sly 2

Firefox Unlocked 1/1/12
5 Points
Flame away...
Studious Unlocked 1/1/12
10 Points
Find 5 jounal pages.
Ohnemous 10 Points Open the runes.
Disillusioned 25 Points Find 50 mushrooms.
Happy Thoughts 25 Points Learn to fly!
Dazed and Confused 50 Points Find all the mushrooms.
The End 50 Points Complete the game.

Medals Earned: 2/7 (15/175 points)


First Flight Unlocked 2/25/13
5 Points
Beat Room 5
Dead End Unlocked 2/25/13
25 Points
Get the bad ending
Expertly Done 1 25 Points Complete Expert Room 1
Expertly Done 2 25 Points Complete Expert Room 2
Living End 50 Points Get the good ending
Time Trophy 100 Points Beat Time Trial Run in under 4 minutes
Wit of Citrus 100 Points Obtain all 19 grapefruits

Medals Earned: 2/7 (30/330 points)